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March 28, 2020
Dear Families of 'Art for Kids' and 'Art of YOUth' programs,
As schools remain closed due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic we are unable to offer our after-school art programs. We plan to resume these programs as soon as school re-open.
Stay healthy and hopefully see you soon.
Agnes and Peter

Welcome to 2019/20 'Art for Kids' and 'Art for YOUth' school programs!

Similarly to our studio programs our 'Art for Kids' and 'Art for YOUth' programs offer a wide range of subjects and techniques that keep participants excited and engaged.

Our easy to follow teaching methods are very effective and the complexity of projects is adjusted to the group's ages and skill levels.

Participants always create many beautiful art pieces, which end up permanently displayed in their homes, or houses of their families and friends. These creations can be also used in building a portofio that may be required for visual arts programs in secondary schools.

To register please click 'On-line Registration'.

If your child does not attend one of the schools listed below but would like to participate in the program please contact us to check for space availability.

Please note the changes to the class rescheduling policy affecting all new registrations (see 'Cancelled classes' section below) .

Allan A. Martin SPS, Tuesdays, 2.30-4.00 PM

Registration postponed                 

Kenollie PS. Thursdays, 3.30-5.00 PM. Location: Room 5.

Registration postponed

Lorne Park PS. Fridays, 3.40-5.00 PM. Location: Staff Room.

Registration postponed                
Receipts are issued upon request.

Terms and Conditions

Only full registrations are accepted prior to the start of the program. Partial registrations are accepted after the start of the program pending space availability and program curriculum - please contact us to arrange such late registrations.

Payments are due upon the end of the first class (parents can bring the payment when they pick up the child after the first class). Payments can be made by cash, cheque (pt ICREATE), or by e-transfer (to info@icreate.ca).

Missed classes
We are unable to refund, credit or reschedule classes missed during the session due to registrant's personal reasons.

Cancelled classes (NEW)
In cases when the class is cancelled (e.g.: inclement weather, strike, school event, instructor's illness, etc.) the first cancelled class in the session will be rescheduled to the next available date on the same week day and time in the school where the program takes place, pending the availability of the permit and the room. If the permit or the room is not available, or there are more than one classes in the same session that need to be rescheduled, these classes will be rescheduled to the iCreate art studio's location at 987 Clarkson Rd. S., Unit 102, Mississauga, ON L5J 2V8. The rescheduled to iCreate studio classes will take place on the same day as the cancelled school class, if weather and other conditions allow for it. In cases when the class is cancelled due to inclement weather, other circumstances affecting all registrants to attend the class that day, or instructor's illness the class will be rescheduled to the next day or the closest date when conditions allow for the class to be carried out. Classes rescheduled to the iCreate studio location will be slotted to the same, or slightly later time (30-60 min later) as the cancelled school class.
Sorry, we are unable to issue refunds in cases when the registrant is unable to attend the rescheduled class.

Cancellation of registration
Please inform us immediately if you need to cancel your on-line registration. A failure to inform `Art for Kids` staff about the need to cancel the on-line registration at least 3 days before the start of the session will result in a 50% administration fee in addition to the cost of the registration at the time of the next registration.

Receipts are issued upon request.

Any personal info we collect is for program organization purposes only and it is kept private and confidential.
All images on this web site are copyright of iCreate.

Safety waiver
Registrants` safety is the iCreate`s staff highest priority. However, I acknowledge and agree with that iCreate owners, landlords, agents and staff are not responsible for injuries, damages or losses I or participants I have registered for iCreate programs may sustain while participating in iCreate programs or related activities, such as recesses, personal breaks, participants` drop-offs and pick-ups and other. I hereby accept full responsibility for any injuries, damages or losses I or my child may sustain while participating in iCreate programs or related activities.

In case of emergency
In case of an emergency I authorize iCreate staff to arrange any necessary medical treatment from a licensed health care provider for me or the program participant(s) I have registered for iCreate program(s).

More info

For more info please contact us by email info@icreate.ca or by phone 416.319.6103

If you are a school administrator and are interested in our program please see the info package and feel free to contact us for organizing 'Art for Kids' or 'Art for YOUth' program in your school:

'Art for Kids' info package for schools (grades 1-6)

'Art for YOUth' info flyer for schools (grades 6-12)