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iCreate — Birthday parties

Parties can be booked for children and youth (6-17 yrs) and for adults (18+).

We can accommodate parties on Saturdays and Sundays between 1 and 7 PM.

Weekday parties may be also available given space availability - please check with us if interested.

Due to the requirement for social distancing the in-studio birthday parties can accommodate a group of 5 participants, including the birthday person(s)*.
* Few more participants can be accommodated if the groups has members of the same family or the same social group - please discuss this option with us prior to booking.

Parties can be booked at the host's location. The number of participants at the host's location may vary. Please see 'PARTIES AT HOST'S LOCATION' section below for details.


1) Contact us to check if your preferred time slot is available

   info@icreate.ca     416.319.6103

2) Download the PDF registration form (links below), open it on your computer, fill it out, then save it.

 Send the filled out form to us by email, or bring it to our studio – please check with us when we are open before dropping by.

    Children and Youth (6-17 yrs) Registration Form

    Adult (18+ yrs) Registration Form

3) Submit a non-refundable 25% deposit at least 7 days before the party

    Payment methods: Cash, e-Transfer (info@icreate.ca)

PARTY OPTIONS AND FEES (the same fees for all age groups)

Option 1:     2.0 hours - art activities exclusively
    Fee per participant:     $31 + HST = $35
    (additional $50 transit fee applies for a party held at the host's location)

Option 2 (in-studio):     2.5 hours - art activities followed by social time with refreshments, cake
    Fee per participant:     $37.20 + HST = $42


Are you thinking of making your house party unforgettable by offering your guests an opportunity to create a unique piece of art? We are happy to come to your location if you live within a reasonable distance from our studio.

Fee: $35 per participant for 2-hours art activities. An additional transit fee of $50 applies for all host location parties.

The number of participants and the arrangement of space designated for the art activities must comply with the current COVID-19 prevention guidelines. For all details related to gathering restrictions please see the Government of Ontario website: 'Restrictions on gatherings'

The host is responsible for carrying out appropriate steps to ensure that all party participants and persons present on premises during the party are free of COVID-19 symptoms, and the risk of their exposure to COVID-19 is low. Please see 'COVID-19 PREVENTIVE MEASURES' section below for more details.

A separate space must be arranged where persons taking part in art activities will be able to follow provincial health guidelines including social distancing, wearing facial coverings, and being self-pre-screened for COVID-19 symptoms. Facial coverings are not mandatory if the party is held outdoors with a proper social distancing in place.

The host is responsible for setting up work tables for the participants, and providing our staff with access to a water source. We are bringing all required materials, a table for our use, easel etc.

We kindly ask not to mix the time assign for the art project with other social activities, food consumption, etc. This is because the art projects we offer usually require a full attention from the participants and a continuous work in order to be completed on time.


In order to offer the safest possible environment for party participants and our staff, and to adhere to the provincial health regulations we are implementing the following preventive measures:
  •  We are limiting the number of participants in each session to 6 to allow for social distancing.

  •  All persons entering the building including party participants and their parents/guardians must wear facial coverings.

  •  We are implementing enhanced hygiene measures such as frequent hand washing, cleaning and disinfecting of studio spaces and materials, and other.

  •  Only party participants and iCreate staff members can enter the studio. Parents/guardians dropping off or picking up their kids are asked to remain in the hallway.

  •  All participants or their parents must conduct a check for COVID-19 symptoms prior to coming to the party. If a participant exhibits any symptoms listed below he/she must not attend the party.

  •  The participant is not permitted to attend the party if any of his/her household members or close contacts are suspected of having, or have a confirmed COVID-19 infection.

  •  Participants or their parents are encouraged to inform iCreate staff about any COVID-19 symptoms they may have developed within 14 days of the party.

  •  If the party is held at the host's location the host is responsible for carrying out appropriate steps to ensure that all party participants and persons present on premises during the party are free of COVID-19 symptoms, and the risk of their exposure to COVID-19 is low.

  • List of symptoms adult participants or parents of participating children must screen for before coming to the birthday party:

    •  Fever (temperature of 37.8℃ or greater)
    •  New or worsening cough
    •  Shortness of breath (dyspnea)

    For a full list of symptoms please see:
    Ministry of Health List of COVID-19 Symptoms


    All art materials are included in the fee.

    Art themes for kids and youth:

    Owl Pug in a Bucket Abstract Heart Landscape Flower Garden
    Acrylic paints on canvas 8" x 10" Water soluble pastels on paper 14" x 14" Acrylic on canvas 12" x 12" Water colours and oil pastels on paper 17" x 14"

    Art themes for adults:

    Still life Landscape Abstract Garden Custom theme
    Acrylic paints on canvas 12" x 12" Acrylic paints on canvas 12" x 12" Acrylic paints on canvas 12" x 12" Format and media may vary

           Birthday Invitation (4x6)

    Selected pics from past birthday parties