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Agnes and Peter first opened their small art studio called 'apART-Studio' in Thornhill in 2008. From the beginning the studio enjoyed high popularity among the local families looking for professional and enjoyable art classes for their kids. In 2011 the studio moved to the Lorne Park area in Mississauga and continued offering private art classes for the local children and youth. Around the same time our art studio launched a successful after school 'Art for Kids' program in several elementary schools in Mississauga, which continues to this day.
In the fall of 2016 we underwent very exciting developments — 'apART-Studio' has changed its name to 'iCreate art studio' and moved to the new location at 987 Clarkson Rd. S. in the heart of Clarkson Village. In addition to the children programs we now offer classes for teens and adults, as well as portfolio creation and art-themed birthday parties.

iCreate Mission

Our mission is to popularize fine arts within our community through educational and fun activities iCreate studio is offering. An appreciation of arts is — in our opinion — an absolutely crucial element of everyone's life. Our mission is to nurture this appreciation and provide tools to all our students which would allow them to better express themselves through their own artistic creations.

iCreate Values

Excellence — demonstrated through professionally run educational programs and fun activities
Effective learning — achieved by offering ever evolving and engaging programs with a wide variety of techniques, subjects, and media
Creativity — encouraged throughout all our programs and activities
Respect, social skills, self-esteem — gained through group interactions, team work and thematic play time
Organization and tidiness — learned while engaged in the creative process and during the end of the work clean up time

iCreate Methods

We offer a very diverse range of techniques, subjects, and media to ensure a constant learning and engagement among both returning participants as well as one-time registrants.
We start with simpler step-by-step methods for the younger and novice participants, steadily increasing the level of difficulty with participants' age and abilities, all in all to provide a constant creative challenge and a great satisfaction from the completion of each project.