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Art, Agnes Piatek

 I have been creating different art and decorative forms since
 I was a child and I have been teaching arts for over 20 years.
 The range of media I have been using includes textile,
 glass, painting on canvas, sculpture in wood and other
 materials, decorative figurines and various combinations
 of different materials. Some of these creations are
 shown below.
 Most of my past work has been sold to private
 collectors or given away to friends and family.

 Info for buyers:
 If you are interested in any of the shown past works
 please contact me (info@icreate.ca) to check if
 similar designs can be ordered now.

              Angel - I made this figurine out of natural
              materials including shells and rocks from
              the West Coast.

3D Collages
is something I've always liked to create. It can be a tedious work but the final result can be very impressive. When hanged on a wall or placed on a shelf these 3-dimentional creations easily draw attention of visitors.

    Classical forms
    , such as painting on canvas or drawing were part of my in-depth formal education in the Fine Arts Liceum in Nowy Wisnicz and in the Department of Fine Arts Education at the Pedagogic Academy in Krakow. I regularly return to these forms of expression with paintings of landscapes and animals full of positive-energy and happy colours.

Artistic textile
— is probably my favourite medium. Weaving, tapestry, surface design and feltmaking are all tedious and time consuming processes but they can offer fantastic and very original creations, which can be hanged on the wall, thrown on bed or floor, or even worn.

Stained glass and painted bottles
— I was doing these kinds of things years ago and it is possible that I will come back to it some day as these creations proved to be very popular among my friends and family who now have most of the pieces I did in the past. There is just something magical in the casts of sunshine as it passes through the mesh of colours on the window or through a painted bottle.